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Bye Bye Chooselifewarrior: Why I changed my ‘name’ on all socials?

Bye Bye Chooselifewarrior: Why I changed my ‘name’ on all socials?


Even so, as I took on the impending change of ‘Chooselifewarrior’ I went through plenty of emotions. The name itself has become to mean more than my eating disorder recovery, more than the years spent online making supportive environments for others and it became larger than my own personal meaning. It began to take on meaning for others. It began to form support groups, it began to be recognisable in our small community. It became a safe space from diet culture, a strong space of fat activism, a word that took on meaningful eating disorder recovery meanings for many more than just I.

My Double Jaw Surgery

My Double Jaw Surgery


A lot of people don’t understand that my first consult for Double Jaw Surgery was when I was 16 years old. It was a tricky time in my life as I was still very deep in the grip of my eating disorder. At that time overall I had many fears and apprehensions for this surgery. At 16 my Jaw Surgeon suggested the surgery because of my alignment but really the only reason for going through the surgery at that stage would of been cosmetically to fix my underbite. I was not having any issues with my jaw or health problems because of it.


Read just what my Patrons, online community and other activists in the Body Positive/Fat Activism world think of my work.


Danielle is a force to be reckoned with and an absolute pillar in the body positive community. She’s knowledgeable, authentic, and in 5 years has never wavered on her mission to help others. This woman will change the world.

Cheryl White

I’d recommend being an I Am Dani Adriana Patreon just for the support system Dani has built. Her content is brilliant, but this community is an amazing, supportive and loving space. I’ve learned so much from her and the community she’s built here has changed my life and my kids positively.

Talia Xerri

Being an I Am Dani Adriana Patron has been absolutely wonderful. Not only do I get to support Dani as she creates her amazing content, but it has let me be part of a phenomenal group of people who are always there to support, educate and encourage each other.

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