Instagram Hates Fat Girls

Woke up to yet another photo being taken down yesterday. A photo in which my fat body is shown however I do not believe violates Instagram’s guidelines. This screenshot below explains why my post was deleted and the issues they had with my photo.

This was the photo:

This was the caption:

In case you don’t get it body positivity is literally one of the only spaces that weight loss isn’t seen as positive, as #goals, as a lucky by-product of sickness or a trophy to show off. DIETS are a waste of time literally designed to fail and keep you coming back for more. Fail and repeat. If any diet truly worked no one would be fat and places like weight watches would be broke. If you want to talk about weight loss or are on your own personal journey with it my page & body positivity ain’t the place to talk about. This is the one space it is safe for people in recovery, for people trying to kick dieting, for fat people, for people who were addicted to weight loss cycles, this is a place where dieting and weight loss is not praised and does not exist. The amount of people I get hating me, sending me abusive messages and trying to defend their choice to diet or lose weight is ridiculous. This isn’t about the individual or individual self love choices – this is a radical movement designed to create a safe space for those oppressed by diet culture, beauty standards and fat phobia. If you’re on a weight loss journey or dieting & offended you can’t talk about those things in body positivity please understand 99.9% of the world will still engage with you, celebrate you and reinforce that the path you are on is “healthy” and “aspirational”. This isn’t about hating on individual choices by all means weight loss is a personal choice but we can critically look at weight loss and how as a society we talk about, encourage and ultimately promote weight loss & diets. Also as I own this account if you do promote your weight loss journey, diet or tell others about how they can lose weight in my comments they will be deleted. This is a safe space and it isn’t open to weight loss. #dietsdontwork #dietsarebullshit #dietculturecandie #safespace #fatactivism #bodyimage #fatactivist #bodyconfidence #selflove #selfcare #bodytrust #effyourbeautystandards #plussize #fatisnotabadword #bodypower #kindness #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealth #edrecovery #riotsnotdiets #dietculturedropout #enddietculture #healthateverysize #nobodyshame #loveyourself

This post was engaged and commented on by a very large number of people. Many sharing heartfelt, important, intimate experiences & stories on the post in which I went through and spent over 2 hours yesterday personally responding to the comments individually. I wanted to give time to the pain and love that existed there. There were also the regular trolling comments and then people who were saying that I’m encouraging obesity etc etc… those people get blocked & deleted by like cockroaches they find a way back in.

My post does not violate the guidelines stated for removal however I am fat. Last year people would troll and report so many of my photos that I got actually scared that my account might be taken down. I was terrified that those who fake followed me silently like on online grim reaper would win. That because I dared put my fat body out there all my work will be destroyed. I’ve seen it happen to friends, I’ve seen it happen to other accounts and currently IG don’t give a shit if a fat girls content gets removed.

Today I’m pissed off. I’m wondering how do I move forward and create content on this platform where so many people can just get rid of my hard work because they are fat phobic as hell.

Do I transition posts I think will be radical to my website and hope those who care enough will jump on and support?

Where do fat bodies get to be free?

Where does my body get to be seen?

Where can I have intimate conversations with people on a free platform that is fat positive?

Or do I simply make it apart of my Patreon Page as to ensure only people who REALLY want my content see it?

These questions keep running through my mind as those who haunt my fucking Instagram page don’t even have the balls to troll me to my face but they will endlessly report my photo and account. Fat bodies are not dangerous and my content is valued.

Where would you like to see my content go and what are your thoughts on this?

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