Body Reconnect Tour

The Body Reconnect Tour (BRT) brings to seven US cities a workshop all about you and your body – how to compassionately reconnect with it by exploring positive body image, embodiment, creativity, self-acceptance and social connection. It will be fun, relaxing, informative and most of all – healing.

Where & When?

Specific venues to be confirmed six weeks prior to start.

Los Angeles

 Saturday the 5th of October
1pm – 6pm
Venue:  Allies Worldwide, 1054 S Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 
(see on map)

San Francisco

Sunday the 6th of October
1pm – 6pm
Venue: Neyborly, 3376 18th St. San Francisco, CA
(see on map)

Portland, OR

Wednesday the 9th of October
4pm – 9pm
Venue: Neyborly, 205 NW 4th Ave, Portland, OR
(see on map)

Orem, UT

Saturday the 12th October (sold out)
Sunday the 13th October (selling fast)
1pm – 6pm
Venue: Mindful Counselling Utah, 36 S 400 W #102, Orem, UT
(see on map)


Saturday the 19th of October
1pm – 6pm
Venue: 1535 N Dayton St, Chicago, IL
(see on map)


Friday the 25th of October
4pm – 9pm
Venue: To be confirmed

New York City

Tuesday the 29th of October
4pm – 9pm
Venue: To be confirmed

The Body Reconnect Tour

Our workshop has three delicious parts:


Part 1 – Positively Embodied  (3 hours)

  • Facilitated by Art Therapist and Body Image Specialist Ashlee Bennett

  • Explore personal body image and embodiment with creative approaches

  • Gain insight and challenge your own unhelpful body ideals and internalised fat phobia/bias

  • Develop your creative/visual language and vocabulary for enhanced self-expression

  • Use the art making process as a way to self-soothe, a coping strategy and explore body acceptance/neutrality

  • Make your own body-positive ceramic sculpture (very suitable for beginners and non-creatives)

  • Connect with like-minded community and rediscover play for mental health

  • Non-judgemental space and size-inclusive

  • No art experience or talent needed

  • All materials supplied

Part 2 – Importancy of Peer Support (1 hour)

  • Group discussion led by Fat Activist Danielle Galvin

  • Informal discussion about Body Positivity and personal body image

  • Importancy of peer support in body positive spaces online and in real life

  • Information regarding the value of connecting with community online and in real life

  • Consensual and safe space sharing of lived experience and how that shapes our relationships with each other and body image within ourselves

  • Bonus dropbox link card of curated body image and peer support resources just for you

Part 3 – Informal Meet and Greet (1 hour)

  • Hang out with Art Therapist Ashlee Bennett and Fat Activist Danielle Galvin.

  • A chance to ask us questions, take photos if you wish, meet others and connect with like-minded people


If you have specific access requirements or any questions about workshop venues for any reason please email Ashlee here and we will be happy to chat about any and all of your needs. The details of the venues will be released 6 weeks before the workshops commence to consider numbers and access needs.

We are so looking forward joining you from across the sea and in the flesh!

Workshop presenters:

Danielle Galvin aka: iamdaniadriana is a fat activist and peer advocate based in Cairns, Australia. She is very active in the fat positive community and creates invaluable content via her social media platforms.

Ashlee Bennett aka: bodyimage-therapist  is an art therapist, counsellor and body image specialist from Melbourne, Australia. She works in private practice and is a prolific writer on all things bodies, positive body image and self-acceptance. 

Cost $145


Dynamic 5 hour workshop involving verbal and non-verbal creative strategies and teachings for mental health, body image, embodiment.

All art materials.

Informative talks, resources and handouts on social and individual topics relating to embodiment


Meet and Greet

Instalment options are available

If you experiencing financial hardship but would really like to attend there may be other options for you. Please email Ashlee for either option.

What city will we see you in?


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