Day 5 of #FATANDLOVED the final day of this series. I wanted to explore fatness and love in relation to the positive relationship I’ve had in my life for the last 6 years and dig in a little around the the ideas of love and fat bodies.


Day 4 of my #FATANDLOVED series, if your partner is ashamed of your fat body. If they hide you, prohibit you, shame you or hurt you they do not deserve you. Your partner should be a mirror of kindness and show your body the utmost respect. I remember a long time ago I had a…


Day 3 of #FATANDLOVED when you think of your fat body where do you feel the most safe? For me it’s held in the arms of this man. Not because he makes me feel “better” about my body or like we discussed yesterday because he loves my body and is positioned by society as the “hero” in my story but because he understands the fact that in many situations with many people I don’t feel safe.


Day 2 of my #FATANDLOVED series. Often cis-men are seen as heroes for loving Fat womxn. Either that or we the womxn are an object of fetishisation. We are seen as something taboo or unlovable. Yet we are not any of the above.


Welcome to a 5 day photo series called #FATANDLOVED which aims to show the experience of having my body loved by my partner. Not because I am fat & not in a way that fetishises my body. This 5 day photo series aims to celebrate body diversity in couples with fat partners & explores what it means to be fat & in love. To challenge the assumptions that people make & to unravel the way cis-men are often labelled heroes for giving fat womxn the time of day.