This beauty is one of my oldest friends. Our friendship spans over 10+ years and we’ve seen each other through a lot of shit. Mainly she saw me at times I didn’t just hate my body but loathed my existence. She stood through it all. Through the birth of my Instagram. Through supporting my work online. She has been a pillar of support throughout my online journey. Never once was our friendship about competition.

She comes with me to every plus size store we can find. All in all she loves me for me and has been a helping hand walking beside me on my body positive journey.

Amber’s thoughts on our friendship and fat positivity: I’ve known Dani since high school, I didn’t know back then that she would be someone so important in my life. We’ve been through so many highs and lows together. If there’s one thing I know about Dani is that she’s a fighter and not afraid to speak her opinions. There have been so many times she has told me “I can’t do this anymore” but she has always fought past those tough moments and grown from them.

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I’m glad that I was able to be that friend who could stand by her. She has always been someone that achieves anything she sets her mind to. She’s never scared to ask for help and it’s ok to ask when life gets hard. Body positivity plays such an important role in my life. I’ve never really been one to judge on how others look. It’s what’s on the inside that has always been the important aspect of a person to me. Dani was the one to introduce me to the body positivity community. I think it’s amazing that there are communities accepting and thriving from one another regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic differences etc. you don’t have to be that super model you just need to be you and you will be more than enough. This is what the body positivity community is about to me. / Today’s reflection to comment on below, Do you have friends who you were friends with before you found body/fat positivity? How has that impacted your friendship? ⬇️