DAY 3 #FATANDEATING, Today I wanted to talk about the double standards around judgements of fat people eating vs thin people. I’ve seen a lot on social media of thin people whether it be in eating disorder recovery, dietitian/nutritionist spaces and or “wellness” spaces where thin people pose, eat or promote food on their account. It’s seen as a celebratory focus of their account. One where they are encouraged, actively supported and made to feel as if they are deserving of food, nourishment and joy around food. However I’ve seen many accounts of fat people that don’t even mention food or have pictures of them eating being asked super invasive questions about their food and diet.

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This idea that fat people are public fodder for questions, inquisitions and assumptions about their food intake is so gross. It’s also such a blatant example of fat phobia and the idea that fat bodies are public consumption. It’s rude to ask someone what they eat, it’s rude to assume what they eat, it’s rude to tell them to eat differently or say “everything in moderation”. Let people eat wherever the fuck they want. Don’t judge people on their food choices. Don’t assume you know what’s best. Start celebrating fat people for talking about food and for enjoying food on social media. Be present with the idea that fat and thin people deserve to enjoy and consume food in equal celebration and non-judgement. As a fat person I can’t tell you how many people have assumed what I eat. How much I eat. When I eat. It’s actually super weird. Have you ever been probed with questions about food by someone you barley know on the internet or IRL?