I’m not sure if you’ve clocked it but all week for the fat and eating photos I made SURE it was me eating foods which others deem “bad” “junk” “typical of fat people eating” this might seem counter intuitive but the reason I wanted to feature those photos is because it’s a radical act of fuck you to every troll I’ve ever had. Yes I eat ice cream, cupcakes, pizza and burgers too. I also eat a thousand other things, a thousand other ways, for a thousand other reasons BUT the thing is I do not have to explain a. Why I am eating? b. What I am eating? or c. Conform to eating “good” foods online or in public to be a socially acceptable large person. We’re okay if we’re eating salads right? But also we’re not. See the fat phobia that plagues us is not due to the fact of what we eat it’s because of what we weigh. I’ve seen plenty of thin people praised (think the Lorelai Gilmores of the world) for being thin and being able to eat “whatever they want” – there is praise, jealousy and envy for thin people who can eat and stay thin.

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Could these very photos I’m posting this week be used against me, made me to feel like I am the trope of the gluttonous fatty eating junk food, sure. Yet here is something I want these photos to push the thoughts of why do thin people get the privilege of eating things they enjoy and we must hide what we like to eat. We must hide what we eat. We must hide ourselves. Only be loud about food when in deprivation and showing that we are trying to loose weight. Food has such a weird moral counterpart to those who are fat. Food has such a weird stigma for those who are fat. The problem isn’t the food though, it isn’t our bodies, it’s the way we have viewed weight, health and food our whole lives. Eat what you want. You don’t have to explain yourself. At all! Food is enjoyment as we’ve discussed. Food is memories. Food is yours and yours alone to decide on and laugh around and make you feel good. You are allowed to eat. Fat person you reading this? YOU ARE ALLOWED TO EAT.