During this series these are some of the things that have become most important to recognise when talking about fatness and food, for me,

🍔 Food can be eaten for enjoyment, for comfort, for fun, for experience for a multitude of reasons that aren’t just fuel. Fat people often aren’t afforded that right in societies mind but they should be.

🍪 Fat people feel an overwhelming amount of shame and guilt around food due to societies idea of gluttony and fat phobia.

🍦 You should be free to eat food that makes you happy and gives you joy.

🍕 Fat phobia and the judgement from others when it comes to fat bodies consuming food is a very real tangible thing. Your feelings are valid.

🍬 What fat people eat should be no bodies business.

🍭 Food freedom for fat people is rooted in dismantling fat phobia.

🍯 Intuitive eating and food exploration is difficult for fat people due to a life of being told our goal should always be weight loss.

🍰 Food judgement from a young age by family members or friends can lead to a life where your relationship with food is distorted and fear based.

🥑 We still carry thoughts around fatness and eating that are untrue and harmful such as ‘fat people eat more than thin people’ and ‘fat people should be depriving themselves’.

🍉 As a society we still uphold the belief that fat people’s bodies are appropriate public discussion and discourse in a disproportionate way compared to the diets and lifestyle of thin people.

🥗 Consuming food in front of others/in public can be an extremely hard thing for fat people to do due to fear of judgement and comments from people they know and or strangers.

What has this five day series taught you or made you feel about fatness and eating?

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