#FATANDFRIENDSHIP 5 DAY SERIES examining how toxic some friendships can be when you’re the “fat one” & how beautiful they can be when your find women who truly support your size & GET fat positivity. You also get the perspective of my friends about my journey to body positivity & their thoughts on my Instagram.

Day 1, this here is my baby friend Tegan. She is someone who I actually met because of my IG @iamdaniadriana & due to that I feel so thankful to my work here.

Tegan and me have completely different bodies. She is thin & blonde (well sometimes, she changes her hair colours as much as her clothes which is something I admire about her). Our friendship is a fairly new one but the things she has reminded in regards of the body politics that can sometimes sit over friendships is this, Tegan despite her privilege in her body she never fails to make me feel loved & beautiful. We share snacks, stories, laughs & cries over the most random things but never default to body talk. She reminds me that not all thin women are unapproachable & if they choose to they can be an amazing ally while still the while being a kickass friend.

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Tegan’s thoughts on our friendship & fat positivity: Dani and I exchange beautiful earrings every special occasion, we spend hours talking about our high school crushes & how stupid we were to fall for such douchebags, we drink sangria & have games nights (I’m terrible at Catan). She is the embodiment of sunshine, & she gives the best advice I’ve ever received, a walking fountain of knowledge. Becoming a part of Dani’s patreon allowed me access to multiple resources, webinars and statistics.

I was welcomed into the Facebook group where I am able to understand better the day to day things that become infinitely harder for folks in larger bodies. I can now use the information to educate others in my life. I couldn’t be more grateful for Dani & this community for allowing me to learn, make mistakes & grow into the best ally I can be. Support fat influencers, question your own prejudices & seek out resources so we can all live in a more inclusive world/ Today’s reflection to comment on, With your thin friends do you feel supported by them? ⬇️