Y’all know this woman as @bodyposipanda but I just know her as Megan. Megan and I started our friendship 5 years ago when we had no idea where this body positive train would lead us. She has been a guiding light to remind me of my worth through the darkest moments. She has stood by me online and in real life being what it means to be a true ally to larger bodied people. She has been a friend I’ve learnt so much from and wonderfully have had the chance to hug in real life. She is one of my real life heroes and in treasure her existence.

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Megan’s thoughts on our friendship and fat positivity: I don’t think the right words exist to describe how I feel about Dani, or how she restores my faith in goodness, kindness, and thoughtfulness every day. When I first came into this community and stumbled into Dani’s space, both my body and my knowledge of fat positivity were much smaller than they are now. And looking back, I’m not entirely sure why she gave me a chance and allowed me to grow and learn, both with her and through her like she did, but I am so grateful that she took the chance. Dani continues to be one of my greatest teachers, as well as a friend who truly feels like home when everything else in the world – and on social media – feels like too much. I hope one day we live close enough to go out for coffee, have sleepovers, swing by each others places and have infinite hugs, but until then, I’m happy knowing someone like Dani even exists in the world, even if she’s on the other side of it / Today’s reflection to comment on below, have you made any friends who also are on the body/fat positive train has that been a huge part of connection for you? ⬇️