Y’all might know my dear friend Ashlee from @bodyimage_therapist as one of my fat friends she is my go-to rant collector, a person who understands me without words and someone I rely on so much to process how fucked this world can be. Not only that but she is hilarious, talented, smart and incredibly witty. Fellow fat friends make such a difference to my personal relationship with the world and my body. I am so lucky to have her in my life.

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Ashlee’s thoughts on our friendship and fat positivity: Having a friend you can really relate to, even with the deep stuff is so important for connection. Even though fat positivity is growing, it’s still quite rare to find another fat person who isn’t rooted in diet culture and body hatred (Not that that’s a bad thing, It’s okay to be where you’re at) but for me as a person, being around people who get it and embody it brings me so many feelings of ease and even allows me to process my grief about releasing absolute control over my body. / Today’s reflection to comment on below, do you feel safer/different more welcomed by your fellow fat friends? How is fat&fat friendship different than friendships with those who have smaller bodies than you? ⬇️