This is my dear friend Talia. We met just over 2 years ago and had one of those instant friend connections. Despite our differences physically our minds and hearts are very similar. She has taught me so much about her experiences of being a woman of colour in this world, along with the empathy needed to navigate a world in which you are marginalised. She is truly someone I learn from all the time and cherish in my world. I’m so glad to have her be apart of my life and all the times we’ve had such deep and meaningful conversations.

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Talia’s thoughts on our friendship and fat positivity: It’s hard to have a finite amount of space to write about a person you have an infinite amount of love and respect for. Dani is an exceptional woman who actively makes this world a better place with every breath she takes. Dani’s instagram forcibly carves out a fat positive space in a society which continuously endeavours to silence and disrupt voices like hers. She doesn’t “sanitise” her message or experience to appease patriarchal and fat-phobic rhetorics – instead, she asks society to be better. To be better than those who came before us and question what it is that makes us privilege thin, white, able-bodied people.

My friendship with Dani is such an important part of my life; it’s a safe space for us both, a place where I know there is always love, respect, acceptance and a shared passion for all things Harry Potter.

I love you so much Dani – thank you for all of this and so much more. / Today’s reflection to comment on below, By having friends of different intersections has it made you more aware of experiences and how do you navigate those conversations in your friendships? ⬇️