Fat and Loved Day 2

Day 2 of my #FATANDLOVED series. Often cis-men are seen as heroes for loving Fat womxn. Either that or we the womxn are an object of fetishisation. We are seen as something taboo or unlovable. Yet we are not any of the above. Our bodies are beautiful & we are individuals. Being loved & fat I don’t think is any different than being loved & thin HOWEVER how people perceive my relationship, my worth & my love as different. People see men loving fat womxn as freaks & see fat womxn in general as a “last resort” “easy choice” “something to settle for”. This idea that fat womxn are waiting around for any person who shows a slight interest in us is bullshit.

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Fat womxn are goddesses. Fat womxn are in relationships that should be normalised, this includes whether their partner is thin or not. To me being loved by my partner doesn’t make me feel grateful that he “accepted” or “choose” me the fat girl. It is an equal joy to be in a relationship where I value my partner and he values me. Fat love is not a fetish. Being marginalised and fetishised for being “other” is bullshit. Especially because no one is questioning the people who specially say “no fatties” when asked who they would date. That’s a fetish towards thin people. Fat people are hot not because we are fat but because our bodies are equal in value. If you see us unequal in value or something as different from the “norm” than yeah of course you will fetishise our bodies. Truth is my body is not a fetish. My relationship is normal. I am #fatandloved