As a fat person many people come into my DM(s) each week to ask me about the health of “fat” people as if I am the patron saint of fatties. While yes I am a proud fat person. Someone whom uses the word fat. Engages in fat activism in my online work and daily life. Fat is not my only identifier and the fact that us ‘fat people’ are identified with that first is part of what I am trying to educate people on.

We are people. While our bodies don’t grant us the privilege of purchasing clothes easily or access to plane seats comfortably or being treated as if we are human & not a walking sign of “deteriorating health” as I was so lovingly called last week. The idea that our health is public fodder for side show morning shows debating our obesity epidemic with shots of us walking in malls drinking soda or eating a burger all with our heads out of the shot. It is no wonder non-fat people are confused because they see traditional media & the diet industry parade us out as if were one exasperated breathe away from dying of cancer, or heart disease or diabetes (all which affect people of all sizes BTW).

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Also we are homogenous to their view plus the constant fear of the fat cells & oogey boogee bullshit non-fat people too they hate their own bodies. They hate themselves & in turn they fear us the failure of the system they are told to worship. They see someone like me free & unapologetic. They think ‘WOW how could someone like THAT (aka. FAT) love themselves’. Fat people donning bikinis are labelled brave, inspirational & by the ugliest of hearts ‘delusional’. Were not fighting fat phobia & diet culture just so fat people can be treated like humans & individuals but so we can dismount the system of the insane diet carousel which goes round and round and round and round. Telling us all what to do. Where to spend our money. How to look. How to think. How to feel. If we could all be individuals in every sense of the word the weight watches, biggest losers, diet pill and diet culture profiters would not be rich. We must use our monies, minds and hearts to affect change. Fat phobia holds us all captive BUT fat people are the on the whipping post just for exisiting. 

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