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About iamdaniadriana

Dani Adriana is a 26 year old fat activist from Far North Queensland, Australia. From a young age Danielle suffered through eating disorders, excessive exercise addictions, depression, horrendous body image and anxiety.

Her content initially started on Instagram in 2013 during her initial stages of eating disorder recovery. She created a supportive community in response to the easily accessible pro-eating disorder content found online.

Since 2013 Dani has expanded her content online to include magical things like fat activism, self care and body positivity. She also aims to spread awareness about the overly stigmatized world of mental illness specifically eating disorders and anxiety.

Upcoming Events

Body Reconnect Tour

The Body Reconnect Tour is a 6 city tour coming to the USA in October 2019. The purpose of the Body Reconnect Tour is to bring you a dedicated workshop presented by Ashlee (also known as the Body Image Therapist) and Dani Adriana (also known as @iamdaniadriana).

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#FatandLoved Series

A 5 day photo series called #FATANDLOVED which aims to show the experience of having my body loved by my partner. Not because I am fat & not in a way that fetishises my body. This 5 day photo series aims to celebrate body diversity in couples with fat partners & explores what it means to be fat & in love. To challenge the assumptions that people make & to unravel the way cis-men are often labelled heroes for giving fat womxn the time of day.

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#FatandFrienship Day 5 Series

Loud Bodies Dress

Curvy Beach Bikini

#FatandEating Day 4 Series

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